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TelecomFax-The Easiest & Fastest Way Of Sending & Receiving Faxes!
Features: Phone Number
Every Telecom-Fax account comes with its own dedicated phone number that’s just for your use.  Give this number out to your clients for 24x7 fax connectivity! Now there’s no need to share a fax machine with other departments or offices. We give you a personalized phone number that’s yours exclusively - Mention it on your website, print it on your letterheads, or add it to your business card! This dedicated fax number is available 24x7 and gives your business unmatched connectivity.

Receive Faxes In Your Email Account
Telecom-Fax does away with the need for a dedicated fax machine. No more toner hassles or paper jams! Telecom-Fax makes the paperless office a reality. You no longer have to mess around with old fax machines that are constantly breaking down. With Telecom-Fax, all your faxes are delivered right to your email inbox as PDF attachments – Access your faxes from your phone, laptop, or tablet - Archive, download, or print at your convenience! Faxes Via Email
Save time & effort by sending faxes straight from your email account. With our one-click Email-to-Fax feature, there’s no need to feed in documents one-by-one or waste time getting your old fax machine to work! It’s never been so easy to send faxes! Just attach the document to an email, and send it to . That’s it - Just one click, and your fax is on its way!

Send Faxes To Multiple Recipients With Just One Click
Telecom-Fax gives you the easiest bulk faxing service in the world! All you have to do is add each fax number as a recipient in your outgoing E-mail. Whether you’re sending a fax to one recipient or to 50, Telecom-Fax makes it easy as one click! Just add each fax number - in the format > - to your outgoing email, and Telecom-Fax will automatically send the document to all your recipients! & Receive Faxes From Anywhere
Don’t be tied to your office – send & receive faxes on the go with Telecom-Fax. All you need is email access and you can access your Telecom-Fax account from anywhere in the world –anytime!  Thanks to Telecom-Fax’s Email-to-Fax and Fax-to-Email capabilities, you don’t have to be stuck in office waiting for a message. All you need as access to your email and you can send & receive faxes when in a meeting, from the airport, and even when relaxing on the beach – anytime you want!

Send Faxes Anywhere Without An STD Or ISD Connection
Don’t have an ISD or STD connection? With Telecom-Fax, you can still send faxes anywhere in the world! All you need is an email account. That’s it – No unreliable phone lines or ancient fax machines required! Send faxes to anywhere in the world by mailing your documents to> Maintenance – No Need For A Dedicated Phone Line, Fax Machines Or Constant Monitoring
Say goodbye to missed faxes with Telecom-Fax’s powerful features - Send & receive faxes while on vacation, over the weekends, or during a powercut! - No need for phone lines, faxes, or constant checking!

Automatic Retries And Confirmation Ensure Message Delivery
With Telecom-Fax’s in-built auto-retry and confirmation, all you have to do is send the mail with your fax attached! When you’ve got a critical message to send, you can’t take chances on it being delivered. Luckily, you no longer have to wait by the fax machine! Telecom-Fax will retry till your fax gets delivered and will even send you a confirmation message. Incoming Faxes
The best things in life are free – and so are incoming faxes! Telecom-Fax lets you receive unlimited faxes at absolutely no charge! You pay only for the faxes you send out – at extremely affordable rates! Affordable outgoing faxes Telecom-Fax gives you the most affordable faxing solution. Say goodbye to astronomical phone bills! No longer do you have to pay for expensive ISD and STD fax calls - Telecom-Fax’s credit-based system and low-tariffs can drastically cut your faxing costs!

Online Storage Keeps Faxes Secure In Your Email Inbox
Losing an important document can be an entrepreneur’s worst nightmare. But with Telecom-Fax, all your incoming and outgoing faxes are stored safely in your Email. Keep your business communications safely stored in your Email account. All faxes you send or receive are available in your E-mail. Archive, download, print, or backup at your convenience! Alerts For Instant Fax Notifications
Traveling? Waiting for an important fax? With SMS notifications, you’ll know as soon as you receive a message. Keep on top of your business communications with Telecom-Fax’s automatic SMS notification service - Even if you don’t have access to your email, you’ll know exactly when someone sends you a fax!

TelecomFax Keeps Your Business Connected 24x7 - 365 Days A Year
Telecom-Fax does away with the need for phone lines, fax machines, power backups, and weekend monitoring. You can send and receive faxes at any time of day or night – all you need is access to your Email account. Reliability Keeps Your Fax Number Available 24x7

Knowlarity’s Service Level Agreements with leading telephone companies ensure unmatched reliability and service quality. No more worrying about your fax line not working!

128-Bit Encryption To Keep Your Messages Secure
Data security is a vital consideration for any enterprise. SuperFax’s 128-bit encryption keeps your incoming and outgoing faxes secure and safe from prying eyes. Customer Support
No matter where you are, or when you need help, our customer support personnel are available round-the-clock, waiting to assist you!