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TelecomReceptionist Is A Phone Service For Your Business Which Is:

TelecomReceptionist features take care of all your business needs:

professional greetingsWelcome Message
On Hold Music from Telecom Receptionist is a great way to keep your callers happy and engaged while on hold. You can choose from several available music selections or create your own custom music and on hold commercials. You can change the on-hold music from the website - to play pertinent messages at time of festivals, announcing special deals, new products etc
multiple extension

Multiple Extensions
With Telecom Receptionist, the callers can be diverted to multiple departments. Even if the office is small - multiple departments can be created to give the impression of a bigger company. With the power of unlimited extension, each extension can be configured separately for call forwarding, voice mail and message delivery settings.
call forwading

Call Forwarding

Telecom Receptionist intelligently manages all incoming calls on your business telephone number. Calls can be forwarded seamlessly between offices, departments, agents based on various input parameter like call origin, menu option selected, after office hours support etc. Also all the configuration can be easily managed from easy to use web interface. Worldwide call forwarding from Telecom Receptionist keeps you connected so you have the freedom to work from anywhere. Super Receptionist offers three types of call forwarding are Sequential, Round Robin & Parallel.

call logs

Call Details
Telecom receptionist allows you to keep track of all calls made on your number with details such as caller details, time and duration of call, recordings of call etc in real time from anywhere using online control panel. Research suggests that 70% of the business is from repeat customers and 30% is from new customers. Knowing the people who have called up to inquire is a great source of future business. Also the cost of retaining a customer by paying attention to his needs is much smaller than that of acquiring a new customer.
call recording

Call Recordings
Call recording is great for Consultants, Lawyers, Real Estate Agents, and other professionals looking to record contractual conversations.

Document Conversations, Customer Service Monitoring, Recording Interviews, Mobile Efficiency.

after support

After Hours Support

Ask any businessman and he will have stories to share about a big order that came when he was working late in the office. However for every single order won - many are lost because the phone was not answered. 
Different Available Options 

  • Route International Calls from certain countries to your cellphone 24x7
  • Divert all calls to a dedicated "late night" team or to Voice mail
  • Keep Fax and Voice mail working 24x7
  • See missed calls - after office hours and follow up the next working day
transfer call

Call Transfer
 Telecom Receptionist allows you and your employees to stay connected from the road, at home or anywhere you go. With Call transfer, you and your employees can be reached on virtually any telephone in the world whether on your cell, in the office, or at home. Worldwide call transfer from Telecom Receptionist keeps you connected so you have the freedom to work from anywhere.Telecom Receptionist offers three types of call transfer are Sequential, Round Robin & Parallel.

Voice Mail
With Telecom Receptionist's - Voice Mail feature you can stay connected even when you can't take a call. Telecom receptionist delivers messages to multiple email addresses in MP3 format.

transfer callMobile App
Business information at your finger in real time. Imagine, in the morning, after daily pooja, a business man or a key executive clicks a small button to see a dashboard on mobile phone and within moments one would be able to access the voice of existing and potential customers and how employees are communicating with customer.
on hold music

On Hold Music
On Hold Music from Telecom Receptionist is a great way to keep your callers happy and engaged while on hold. You can choose from several available music selections or create your own custom music and on hold commercials.
conference call

The audio conference feature allows companies to reduce cost of face to face meeting and work on real time for discussing various issues that require employees/other person to gather together to exchange ideas and information. The employees are no longer require to present physically for attending a meeting.
call forwading

Mini CRM Integration
Track and manage customer data with the new Mini CRM Integration.  Add call summary in Notes for later review. Use the follow up section to schedule action on a later date.
transfer call

Click To Call
TelecomReceptionist provides outgoing call facility at the client backend. Outgoing calls can be made from the computer by clicking on the phone icon situated next to the numbers on the Call Logs View and Customer Contact View. 

Toll Free Numbers
As a small business owner, often times you're competing with larger companies. An 1800 number / Toll Free Number can make your business more accessible to your customers. 
vanity No

Vanity Numbers
It is important for certain types of business to have eye catching numbers. When people hear the number on radio advertisement or see the number displayed on a hoarding, banner, print or TV - they memorize it immediately. 
international tollfree

International Toll Free Numbers
If you have customers or vendors outside India or want to expand your business internationally, Super Receptionist can help you be closer to the international customers by International Toll Free Numbers. 

transfer callNumber Portability
Your existing number (mobile or tollfree) has already been circulated in the market and is present on the business cards and stationery. Using Number Portability it is possible to  migrate your existing number on the Super Receptionist platform seamlessly.