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As mobile operators are continuously reducing the commission for their “Alternative Channel Partners” without any valid reasons, we always understand the difficulties of our customers to generate revenue. And in another hand the commission for the “Traditional Channel Partners” are not decreased for many years by any of the mobile operators.

Moreover Mobile Operators also don’t allow any companies to monopoly the market as customers are gradually switching from Offline to Online Recharge methods especially through Mobile Apps.


Being a customer centric organization Achariya is always committed to fill this gap in the market and open up new business possibilities for our partners, in this regard we are decided to allow interested resellers to integrate 3rd party API’s into our existing recharge & bill payment platform which allows you to offer flexible business plan without maintaining 2 wallets/platform. Your customers can enjoy all other services through the same platform.

Support N Number of 3rd Party API”s

Our system architecture allows to integrate any number of 3rd party API’s which can be configured in an account.

i.e if you wish to integrate 25 API’s from 25 different vendors/suppliers and route transactions based on your various conditions, then our platform can simply route the transactions exactly as per your conditions.

Circle Based Routing

If you would like to route your transactions based on Telecom Circles, then our effective Circle management tool helps you to map suppliers against each circles.

i.e Suppose if you would like to route Vodafone – Delhi through a specific supplier then you can easily do it through our Circle Based Routing.

Amount Based Routing

Save More & Earn More, you can book more profit by routing higher transaction amount through a specific supplier who provides more commission.

i.e : If you wish to route all Idea transactions above Rs 50 through a LAPU Supplier then you can configure same in our platform and we will route the transaction based on the amount and operator.

MIS Report

You can generate different type of MIS reports, which will give you more insight about the success ratio and helps you to maintain the 3rd party suppliers priorities.

  • Success Report
  • Supplier Wise Report
  • Failed Report
  • Reversed Report
  • Pending Transaction Report

Safe & Secure Wallet & Platform

You no need to worry about the hacking threats, load balancing, security of the platform, wallet audit, critical data back up, business continuity, disaster recovery options, platform uptime, server & database maintenance, AMC, hosting & connectivity, security patches and critical server updates.

Just focus only on your core business our group of dedicated experienced engineers along with 24/ 7 server monitoring team ensures business continuity and give you peace of mind always.

One Wallet & Platform – 5+ Services

One platform many possibilities, don’t need to offer multiple logins to your customers, just offer a single wallet and enjoy wide range of services

Flight Booking, Bus Booking, Train Ticket Booking, Money Transfer & More services adding soon.

Supports all Service Mediums

Even though your API is from 3rd party supplier but once integrated into our platform, you can enjoy all our existing service mediums.

  • SMS Based Module - Offline
  • Web Based Module - Online
  • Desktop Application (Linux, Windows & Mac) - Online
  • Robust Recharge API's
  • Android Application (GRPS & SMS Based) - Offline & Online
  • Simple WAP Site - Online 

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You can earn more by offering the hybrid solution through our N Level platform for the needy customers and earn more money from the integration cost and admin fees.

i.e : You can also tell your resellers to bring their API to your platform and we will integrate the API for you and configure in your reseller account.

Talk with our Business Specialist for experiencing the wide range of Innovative Products & Service, which helps you to automate your different business needs and maximize the ROI

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