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Reseller Pricing

We offer best service with affordable pricing, when you make a purchase with us we guarantee you the satisfaction, check our below lowest rates

1. Recharge Solution (No Reselling) Rs. 990/-

In this plan you cant create any distributor & retailor under your downline apart from this you can enjoy all other features can create any number or users, retailers, distributors & sub-retailers under you and can enjoy all recharge delivery mediums Web Panel, Desktop Application, Mobile Application, SMS Based Recharge, WAP Site & Centralized Dispute Handling.

(No Resellers: Your customer can't appoint any resellers under them.)
2. Recharge Solution (One Level Limited) Rs. 4999.

In this plan you can create only one level of resellers under your downline apart from this limitation you and your first level reseller can enjoy all other features can create any number or users, retailers, distributors & sub-retailers under you and can enjoy all recharge delivery mediums Web Panel, Desktop Application, Mobile Application, SMS Based Recharge, WAP Site & Centralized Dispute Handling.
3. Complete Recharge Solution (Unlimited N-Tier Level) Rs. 5999/-

Fully White Labeled Recharge Solution (Unlimited Users, Retailers, Sub-Retailers, Distributors & Resellers) with free future updates along with API Access, Web Panel, Desktop Application (Linux, Windows & Mac),
Mobile Application (Android & J2ME), SMS Based Recharge, WAP Site, Auto Billing & Centralized Dispute Handling.